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Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Pen

Monteverde Tool Pen
That’s a long title! I want to thank Frank at Federalist Pens for providing this pen for review.

The tool pen is one of those pens that at first glance peaks your interest immediately if you are into gadgets and EDC type paraphernalia. It Has an industrial look that mimics Rotring pens. The version I tested is a ballpoint but an inkball, mechanical pencil, and fountain pen are available. I own the fountain pen and now this ballpoint version. There is also a brass version that I imagine is a lot heavier than the regular version that weighs in at 35.9 grams. It feels weighty but not overly heavy in my hand. The official Monteverde literature says it weighs 38 grams. It measures 5.9 inches or 150 mm in length. I find that it sticks out a bit far in a shirt pocket but the clip manages to catch on a jean pant pocket well. The clip is flexible enough to grab on to thicker garments without bending out of shape but I would not push it too far.

Monteverde Tool Pen

The pen packs in several different tools into a small package. Obviously, the ballpoint pen is the first and main tool. It uses D1 refills. That opens up possibilities. The included refill is fine for most but when I hear D1 refill, I automatically think Zebra. The Zebra D1 refills are my favorite. It includes both a Philips and flathead mini screwdriver that I have mostly used to tighten the screws on my glasses. A ruler on the barrel of the pen also includes a metric scale. It’s been years since I have used a measuring scale so forgive me if I don’t expand on that further. A bubble level that is hard to read in low light but saved me a trip home on one occasion. Lastly, a stylus that works well with my phone and iPad Mini.

Monteverde Tool Pen

Monteverde Tool Pen

Some might think it is a bit gimmicky and I thought the same, but I have used all of the pen’s tools at one point or another. The most recent, excluding the pen, was a project where we needed to hang a wall mount rack. No one had a level. I had this pen with me and we quickly leveled it out and hung the rack without issues. At that point, the pen was not so gimmicky anymore. If you want the fountain pen version, get used to international short cartridges. A converter will not fit in the pen because of the bubble level inside the barrel. Do you want the mechanical pencil version? You will give up the bubble level for that mechanical pencil. The inkball is a rollerball that uses international short cartridges typically used with fountain pens. That opens up a lot of ink color choices if that is what you are after.

Monteverde Tool Pen

Monteverde Tool Pen

Overall, the pen is a nice option for those that like more industrial looking pens in their EDC. So far I have kept this pen in my EDC backpack and it has come in handy on more than one occasion. The orange and black version looks interesting too! Don’t hesitate to check the pen out at Federalist Pens!

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Eversharp Skylines and an Aurora

One Aurora and two Eversharps.

From Left to right, Aurora Idea, Eversharp Skyline Standard Size, and Eversharp Skyline Demi size.

This is not a review, as these pens are no longer produced, sort of. I’ll explain later. You can find vintage/antique examples on eBay or Etsy very easily. They are moderately priced and make excellent writers but may be better suited to desk use as the plastics can become brittle. If you are interested in owning one, look for those that have already been restored. Unless you can get them for a really good price, restoring them (replacing the ink sac) is risky since the brittleness issue might make for a broken pen, if you attempt to restore them yourself.

A close up the Eversharp Skyline stub.
A close up the Eversharp Skyline stub.

I’ve enjoyed the look of Eversharp Skylines for a while and the cap shape and striated celluloid colors intrigue me. I present to you my two Eversharp Skylines and one Aurora Idea. An obviously Eversharp inspired modern pen, also no longer produced. According to

I’ve enjoyed the look of Eversharp Skylines for a while and the cap shape and striated celluloid colors intrigue me. About 2 years ago I was able to purchase my first Skyline (The demi-sized version.) I present to you my two Eversharp Skylines and one Aurora Idea. An obviously Eversharp inspired modern pen, also no longer produced.

According to

In 1941, the Wahl-Eversharp company introduced a new fountain pen called the Skyline. Strikingly modern in appearance, the Skyline was designed by Henry Dreyfuss (U.S. Patent NoD132,663 for the body and No D132,664 for the clip), who also streamlined the steam locomotives of the New York Central Railroad’s famed 20th Century Limited. You do not need a very sharp eye to detect a strong resemblance between the locomotive shown here and the Skylines on this page!”

20th Century Dreyfuss Streamlines 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive.

My Green/Red striped Dubonnet (Burgundy color) is a standard size with a black section and ink window denotes it as an earlier version. You can just make out the ink window in the picture below. It is the shinier part of the section just above the cap threads.

The ink window is just above the cap threads on this Eversharp Skyline.
The ink window is just above the cap threads on this Eversharp Skyline.


Later versions lost the ink window and switched to a section that matched the color of the barrel. This as shown in my demi-sized version with gold filled cap. Incidentally, the Demi still has the original price sticker that says they sold for $9.75. The Demi also has a factory medium stub.

Did I mention I really like the striated cap on the Eversharp Skyline?

Before I really knew anything about the Eversharp Skyline I ended up with an Aurora Idea in a forum trade. It is an obvious modern take on the Skyline. I found in my research, the Aurora Idea looks to have been a lower end offering by Aurora, as many describe it as a school pen. Mine did not come with a converter but someone told me that Parker converters work well in these pens. They were correct and the Parker slide converter works okay in it. The only issue is there seems to be something in the barrel that catches the end of the converter. When you unscrew the barrel, the converter catches on something inside the barrel and is disconnected from the section. A screw type Parker converter does not do this but is a very tight fit. You have to really crank down on the barrel to get it to screw closed. Eventually, I feel that stress will crack the barrel, so I put up with the slide converter issue.


Aurora Idea. A close up of the nib and cap engraving. The engravings are reminiscent of the striated celluloid on the Eversharp Skyline.

The Wahl-Eversharp name was revived a few years ago and you can now buy modern versions of the same Skyline design. The link is provided for your convenience and there is no affiliation with me or my blog. 

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this peek into my collection and please comment if you would like to see more posts like this. I have many more antique pens I would like to share if anyone is interested.

I am by no means an expert on Eversharp Skylines. Most of the information I know about them comes from and Please visit those sites to learn more. There is also a book about Wahl Eversharp available for purchase. Every purchase helps keep this blog going. Wahl Eversharp: An Illustrated History

Thank you for reading.

Ivan -“Where the pen is mightier than the sword, but a lightsaber?”

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Schon DSGN 01S Tumbled Stainless Steel Pen Review

I would like to thank Ian Schon of Schon DSGN for sending this pen for review. I received this pen at no cost to me and my opinions are my own.

When I received the pen in the mail, the first thing I noticed was the weight. This pen has some heft! Continue reading “Schon DSGN 01S Tumbled Stainless Steel Pen Review”

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*D* Rocket Titanium Oval Bolt Pen

D Caston Rocket
D Caston Rocket

I originally found out about the D Caston Rocket pen through The Clicky Post. The shape of the pen barrel caught my attention and I signed up for the Kick Starter edition with the laser engraved rocket logo. Later, Brad Dowdy reviewed a prototype on the Pen Addict Blog. His version was closer to the final version. Their reviews pretty much sum up how I feel about the pen so I will not rehash too much about it. I agree with both of them. Continue reading “*D* Rocket Titanium Oval Bolt Pen”

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Delta Serena Handwritten Review

Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review
Delta Serena Fountain Pen

Delta Serena – Medium Nib
Diamine Blue Black

I first heard of the Delta Serena when it was announced by Brian of the Goulet Pen Company. I did not think I would get the pen when I first saw it. After a closer look at the titanium brushed finished hardware and nib, I decided to put it on my “maybe someday” list. Some time later, Goulet Pens had some listed in the outlet section so, I decided to buy. Continue reading “Delta Serena Handwritten Review”

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The Bolt in Action – My trip to Karas Kustoms and a Review

The Bolt
The Bolt in all its glory.

Karas Kustoms Bolt

Schmidt easyFLOW 9000M

Some time ago I won this Karas Kustoms Bolt. I did have the intention of reviewing it earlier but I could not find a good refill for it. I know that is not the fault of Karas Kustoms or the Bolt. Let me just say that if you are using Parker Quink Gel refills or Pelikan Refills, you owe it to yourself to try the Schmidt easyFLOW 9000M refills! Continue reading “The Bolt in Action – My trip to Karas Kustoms and a Review”