Inked Pens for April

I am experimenting on YouTube. This is my second video. It should be a big improvement over the last video as I actually did some editing of the video before posting. :p In the video, you will see the 12 pens I have inked, as of yesterday. Yes, 12. My autocorrect is even questioning the reference to 12 pens inked! So, here is the video link:

You will see a few pens I have not mentioned before. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen some of them already.

Below is a scan of the writing sample created with each pen. The paper is from a Muji notebook (A5) that Jose N. gave me a while back. It’s actually really good for fountain pens.

inked 4 3 2017


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2 thoughts on “Inked Pens for April

  1. Thats a beautiful case, I currently have a 5 pen desk stand + a 6 pen pouch for my inked pens but admittedly don’t keep order that much. I do tend to fill and flush sporadically. Maybe I should have a system!

    In any case, super nice mish mash of pens to have inked on the go- kinda funny to see the Wing Sun 590 in such illustrious company though! 😉

    1. Thank you for the comments. I have a stand by Mike Dudek that I use at my desk. It holds 6 pens and a couple of notebooks. The Wancher case is nice. I also have two other 12 pen cases but most of my storage is pen boxes and some repurposed cigar boxes. The Wing Sung is not totally alone, the SKB Triangle pen is also an inexpensive Chinese pen. 😄

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